Talk about life issues with your kids

How much time do you think parents spend talking to their children in a day?  It’s less than you think.  Some statistics indicate that many parents spend less than 7 minutes per day engaging in meaningful conversation with their children. It’s not about how many hours […]

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Affirm your child and see them grow

Children who are affirmed and grow up with a positive self-image are a joy to us all. When your child struggles with self-confidence or you see their love tank is heading towards empty, affirm their value and identity to fill them up.  Try the 20 […]

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The other side of grief

What does grief look like on the other side?  I have learnt over the past year that grief has many faces.  For a few years, I walked on the one side of grief. I had written an article about loss last year whilst my Dad […]

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