Affirm your child and see them grow

Children who are affirmed and grow up with a positive self-image are a joy to us all. When your child struggles with self-confidence or you see their love tank is heading towards empty, affirm their value and identity to fill them up.  Try the 20 […]

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Debunking mom myths

Before I had children, I never gave a second thought about being a mom. Soon after I fell pregnant and even after I had my first child, everything changed.  I also discovered a few myths about parenting. I even brought my husband a cup of […]

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Living joyfully

What joy and smile it brings to see a child hugging their mother. Or a young rose in bloom or the smell of freshly cut lawn. What joy it brings to feel loved and to love. It lightens the soul and heals the heart. We […]

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Don’t stop praying for your children

Prayer is something beautiful.  Prayer is what we do in the secret place and prayer is essential.  We know our children by talking to them and spending time with them.  Prayer is a lot like that.  We get to know God by talking to Him […]

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