Discipleship Matters

Discipleship is a foundation value of the Kingdom.  Jesus modeled it for us so beautifully and we would do well to follow in His footsteps.

What is discipleship?  Well, discipleship is many things but one of them is the sum total of intentional time spent with another.  It is intentional in that it’s not just another coffee date or fun time together.  It is focused and it is filled with hope.  Discipleship is not one person controlling another but it is drawing out what God is already speaking to that person.  It helps create room for them to discover God for themselves and encourages them on their journey.

One of the tools that we use in All Nations is a Discovery Bible Study (DBS).  Click on this link to read more about it.  A Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a tool that we love to use all over the world.  It’s a beautifully simple way for people to hear God’s voice and then to obey what He is telling them.  It is easy to replicate and to simple to apply.  It’s simplicity is it’s beauty, however, the challenge comes in when we choose to obey the voice of the Lord instead of just gaining more head knowledge.




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