Live more!

There is a certainty and uncertainty to life.  It’s risky to choose to live a ‘wholehearted’ life where we allow the world around us to see who we really are;  where we live out of the place of being fully present and vulnerable.  Should we truly live like that, then the families of the world will be richer for it; our children will live a fuller life.

I truly believe that our kids will be inspired to risk more and to dream more.  We need more children running around on the playground like that.  However, as a mom, I have had my fair share of tough times – as we all have.  Over the past year, I’ve learnt to grieve and I’ve learnt how to guide my children to deal with death and loss.  It’s important to teach our children not only about the joys of life, but also how to navigate the passing of someone close to them and even to mourn the death of a beloved pet.  It’s in these darker moments of sadness that we can draw together as a family and comfort one another.  Herein lies a chance to be vulnerable with those closest to you.

If I only have one shot at living a life of passion, purpose and vulnerability, what holds me back? We only have one chance at parenting our children and when they have grown up, they live leave home – a tough reality for many parents. I recently met a psychologies who told me that he often spends time with the dying.  He said that he helps prepare them for eternity.  Isn’t that beautiful?  This man said that one of the things he often asks them is what life advice would they give.  “Spend time with your family.  Laugh more.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated and live more” were some of the comments.  I like those sentiments.  Live more!  So, I’m going to take that advice today.

The Three BIG Thoughts to think:

  1. PERSPECTIVE – I’ve heard it said that perspective is worth 80 IQ points.  The right perspective gives me the ability to think beyond myself.  Where am I and what is my place on this planet?  Where am I in parenting journey with my children – what’s the big picture?  At the moment, I’m reflecting on that. How can I ‘live more’ with toddlers running around my legs or teenagers skulking around the home?
  2. PRIORITIES – Our priorities tell us a lot about what we think are important.  They will order my life to a certain degree.  So, what are my priorities and which ones do I want to cultivate in my children?  If their lives are like a garden, what seeds am I sowing, watering and nourishing so that they will truly live out who they are meant to be.
  3. VALUES – Our values are the underlying reasons for why we do what we do.  These are often assumed, therefore, we don’t often talk about them in our homes.  If we think about it, values are those things that we care so deeply about that we will even sacrifice others things to live them out.  How do your values drive your family life, your finances and your time management?

So, as my parenting heads into the final strait, so to speak, what will my children remember about me?  When they leave home one day, will they remember the smell of my baking, the hugs, the laughter, chats and tears?  Will they remember me being there – fully there or picture me always busy with something else?

Think about it for a moment.  What picture do you want them to have of you when you are not around anymore.  We are a mortal.  Our days are numbered and its important to think about these things from time to time.  Resolve today to love your family with your whole heart, with your laughter, with your tears and your arms to hug and love.  Resolve to live more!



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