Living joyfully

What joy and smile it brings to see a child hugging their mother. Or a young rose in bloom or the smell of freshly cut lawn. What joy it brings to feel loved and to love. It lightens the soul and heals the heart.

We are about to enter into one of the busiest times of the year.  Although it’s full of hustle and bustle, there is also an invitation extended to us.  The invitation is this…a time to pause. I would like to strongly encourage you to take the time to breathe and consciously slow things down.  Take time to enjoy your children, family and friends.  Linger a little longer during these coming days. I’ve recently been enjoying the forty days of Celtic Advent and heading into the twelve days of Christmas.  Although they are simple reminders, they bring me into the present to look at the little things.

For Christians, Advent specifically signifies the four weeks leading up to Christmas day.Since the ascension of Jesus Christ, believers have awaited His return. The Greek word parousia means “coming” or “arrival.” The New Testament uses the word 17 times to describe the second coming of Christ.  I recently gave a talk on Advent and came to realise that the first two Sunday’s of Advent we look forward to the return of Jesus and the last two Sunday’s before Christmas, we remember and celebrate Jesus’ first coming.  Why don’t you light a candle on each of the Sundays as you share a meal with your family?  Talk about what Jesus first coming means and what you can look forward to in times to come.

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Anne Dillard

Think about how you would want to spend your days with your family during the December.  Consider in advance what memories you would like to make with them.  I, for one, want to laugh a little more, sip a sundowner as the sun sets and enjoy being with those I love!  Will you join me?

Print this calendar out and do some of these activities with your children


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