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Recently, one of my friends gave birth to a baby girl. She and her husband were a little anxious about the arrival of this new life. You see they work in a cross cultural environment, one where girls are not as highly valued as boys. 

The two of them were, however, delighted at the prospect of having a daughter. This little one is barely two weeks old and already life isn’t as they had expected it to be. Having children rarely is. 

There were a few complications in childbirth but Mom and baby are well and settling into a new life together. They have a exciting road ahead. 

And on the other side of the coin, my son turned 17 the other day. His dad and I turned to each other saying that we wish we could slow things down. Matt’s growing up far too quickly and we know that we have less than 365 days left till he’s 18. Yes, I’m counting the days. 

Most of our parenting is over and we’ve come to realize our relationship with him is busy changing. It’s like it is morphing it something new. Our authority will decrease but instead our influence to speak into his life with emerge stronger and with greater depth of relationship. 

Unlike a new mother or father who are looking ahead on the road called parenthood, we are now looking back and wondering where all the days went. 
Savor those moments and don’t hurry the growing up process. Enjoy staring at the shapes in the clouds whilst lying on your back or making mud pies with toddlers. These are all precious moments. Dont hurry the days ahead or leave regrets in their wake. Enjoy your children and love them well. 

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” C.S. Lewis

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