Are you ready to ride the rollercoaster? 

Almost 80% of new parents say that they feel unprepared for the road ahead called ‘parenthood’. They say that they have done little to prepare for the next 18 years or so and as a result often find themselves on the back foot.  Parenthood is like a rollercoaster ride for sure.

We cannot parent our children out of fear. If we do that, then we will pad every corner, sterilize every countertop and prohibit them from exploring field where snakes or poisonous creatures could lurk.

I remember talking to a dad one day who, as a teenager, must’ve given his parents numerous grey hairs with his adventurous antics. He was raucous, fearless and a tad naughty. Kudos to his parents, who lovingly and firmly, raised him into becoming a responsible adult. However, I noticed something change when he held his eldest in his arms.  He suddenly became an over cautious and conservative father.  No, they would not live in an area where snakes could be. No, they would not find themselves in risky environments and so he bought a property in a very secure estate. Now, I don’t know the outcome of his children, but I do recognize the power of fear.

Fear restricts us. It inhibits our heart to dream, our mind to adventure and our actions to become restrictive. Fear lies within us and if we are not careful, when we give birth to our newborn, we can also give birth to something more.  To conquer fear sometimes requires an intentional action on our part. What could that be?

For starters, it’s recognizing the face of fear. Then, to have some discussions with people who are meaningful in your life. Thirdly, to pray against it. Finally, to activate. By activate I mean, going there in your mind, your words and finally your actions.

Fear is often an illusion in our minds that ends up presenting itself in our lives in very clear and tangible way.

Here are 5 things courageous parents do:

1 . The recognize the face and shape of fear in their own lives first.

2 . They decide to deal with it as they parent their children – you can too.

3 . Courageous parents love with abandonment and determination – they choose to love their children through their words and actions in the way that their children need that love.

4 . Learn how to embrace life – life can change in the blink of an eye.  Courageous parents embrace the moments and the ups and downs of life.  They ride the rollercoaster.

5 . They recognize when they make mistakes and then they set about to make a change and to restore relationships.  In many cultures, asking for forgiveness makes people think that they are weak when in fact, it is actually a sign of strength and courage.

Courageous parents are not perfect parents.
Isn’t that a freeing thought? Courageous parents simply partner with God to unveil the talents and gifts that lie dormant in their children’s hearts. They love them and raise them loved.

Join me on the rollercoaster ride of being a courageous parent. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to embrace the adventure.

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