2 myths working moms believe

As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible* . 

Did you know that working moms up by 800% since 1860?  In the USA 65-75% moms work and in SA, most homes run by single moms.  Working moms are wonder moms!

There is no perfect mother. Every single woman faces a battle in one area or another. I’ve discovered that every person has an internal dialogue going on daily.  We will self-talk around 30 000 thoughts per day.  That is a lot of conscious and subconscious thinking going on.  You do the math.  It works out to over 20 thoughts per minute.  Are you aware of what’s going on in your head? I’m not always aware but when I still myself and listen, I realise that I do say things to myself…and they are not always positive.

I recently gave a talk around 2 myths that working mom’s believe.  I know that there are more but I thought I would explore only these two.  I think that most mom’s believe these lies, whether they are in a corporate position or not.

The first one is the myth of ‘not enough’ or as I like to call it, the scarcity mindset.  Many working moms walk around carrying this heavy weight in their hearts and minds.  In the bag of ‘not enough’ there are weights with words on them such as guilt or lack.  Sometimes we believe a lie that we don’t have enough time with our children.  We allow the effects of guilt to rob us of our joy.  A lack of time, resources, emotional energy, lack of self-care and the list can go on, all bring us down.  This bag can get very heavy.

The second myth involves the thought of “If only…”. If only I was home, then (and you can complete the sentence).  If only I had a spouse then….  If only I had more time, then…   And a big, if only, is around fear.  If only I could be sure… that they wouldn’t get hurt…. have long-term effects from … and so forth (fear is an enemy that we battle…fear of scarcity, fear of losing them, fear of making a mistake).  Oh the burden!

So, how can you lighten your load?  There is good news and here are a few steps to get your started:

1 . Change some of your self-thinking thoughts.  You know those 20 thoughts a minute I was talking about?  Well, choose to change just one sentence today.  Take a moment and think about it.  Remember your thoughts become your words and then your words become your actions.  Start replacing your “I am not enough” thoughts with “full” thoughts.  Thoughts full of hope and encouragement.  It takes courage to change your thoughts but because your brain has neuroplasticity, it’s possible. 

2 . As a working mom, live your choices and learn to plan well, take care of yourself and think about things that good, pure, helpful and excellent.

You can also change from living in the realm of wishful thinking into the realm of who you really are.  You are not a perfect mom but you are the perfect mom for your children.  You are what they need and are the very best mom for your children. 

Sure, your time is limited, but we all only have 24 hours.  Choose to pack work away and when you with your children, create moments to be fully present.  So what, if you have to eat toasted sandwiches for supper (again), make is memorable and fun.  Rather create those moments with your family – that’s what they will remember.  Don’t believe the lies.

Working moms are wonder moms and you can be proud of the fact that you are making a way for your family.  Love them deeply and live courageously.

  • Ruth Bell Graham said that quote

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